Catch the Moment weeks 15-16

catch the moment100

can you find the bee??

catch the moment101

more bee watching! love these busy little guys

catch the moment102

i wonder if we’ll have any birds in our nest

catch the moment103

welcome to my happy place ;o)

catch the moment104

no bees today, but lots of little dinosaurs!

catch the moment105

happy easter!

catch the moment106

‘vincent & the dr’

catch the moment107

hi there! such a pretty blue tail!

catch the moment108

and another one bites the fluff..

catch the moment109

I am now the family barber/stylist for my entire family! Mom, Dad, Hubbs, Niece & of course myself… #whatsagirltodo ?

catch the moment110

HS band Spring concert. Niece has the big oboe solo!!

catch the moment111

planting this years garden!

catch the moment112

now I’m ready to take on the day. Thanks Lily!

catch the moment113

grateful for a dry day after rains, storms, tornadoes & flooding

Nurse Loves Farmer

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