Catch the Moment

Some more Catch the Moment 365 catch up!


catch the moment86

we have a birds nest in our tulip tree!

catch the moment87

panera with my favorite girl! #niecelove #best day

catch the moment88

tumbling chevron rings! rose gold filled & argentium silver

catch the moment89

well that was unexpected

catch the moment90

my hexi-granny blanket is looking like a blanket!

catch the moment91

i may be a bit of a perfectionist…

catch the moment92

grateful for sunny days after thunderstorms & floods…

(not looking forward to the clean up in my parents’ basement)

catch the moment93

sleeping beauty

catch the moment94

made ‘friendship bread’ with my girl

catch the moment95

my first order from @artfultea & definitely not my last!

catch the moment96

hello beautiful!

catch the moment97

another shipment of medical supplies. this is supposed to last us 3 months (not gonna happen)

catch the moment98

my brother & sister in law are the best! they totally spoiled us with this amazing housewarming gift!!

catch the moment99

she makes it difficult to get things done sometimes..but i’m not complaining!


Nurse Loves Farmer

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