Catch the moment

Catching up on Catch the Moment 365!


catch the moment61

surprise flowers in the yard! spring is on its way

catch the moment62

someone is excited about her new toy! (hopefully she won’t rip out the stuffing quite as quickly this time)

catch the moment63

gorgeous hazy day

catch the moment64

packing up for the big move! into a house!

catch the moment65

the many sleeps of kitty, so far today..

catch the moment66

grilled cheese for the kiddo

catch the moment67

found my least favorite part of blanket making..weaving in the ends…

catch the moment73

shadow play

catch the moment74

just received my new, truly handmade, truly gorgeous art from my dear friend @lifeidesign

catch the moment75

that face! not too happy about all this moving stuff..

catch the moment76

oh i love this brick!

catch the moment77

worn out #movingday

catch the moment78

cutest little bamboo ever! welcome home little one

catch the moment80

finally unpacked the beginnings of my blanket! missed this!

catch the moment81

not a cloud in the sky, what a beautiful day!

catch the moment82

my heart is happy!

catch the moment83

spring in bloom

catch the moment84

new pearl solitaire necklace!

catch the moment85

movie time with Mom!

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