Catch the moment catch up..part 2

So apparently I’m not the best blogger. No excuses, I just haven’t spent much time at the laptop here recently. I don’t have the internet at home (still) and more often than not the time I spend at my parents’ house is spent caring for Mom. Making the most of family time, ya know? So here’s a little catch up on the catch the moment fun.

catch the moment47

healthy eating! chicken, broccoli, rice casserole..yum!

catch the moment48

I think somebody is done with our constant puzzling.

catch the moment49

I love bananas! Last snack before getting my wisdom teeth removed..

catch the moment50

Done at the dentist!

catch the moment51

Back at the jewelry bench! Chipmunk cheeks & all.

catch the moment52

snuggles are the best!

catch the moment53

Starting a granny square blanket.

catch the moment54

Our new favorite veg. Kiddo likes it steamed, I like it roasted, so of course we’re having steamed. How do you like your broccoli?

catch the moment55

Lots of books to be donated!

catch the moment56

This blanket is moving right along!

catch the moment57

more banana nut bread

catch the moment58

Blue skies, birds in flight, beautiful day.

catch the moment59

working on a new ring design

catch the moment60

more progress on my blanket! hard to believe how quickly it’s coming together.

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