Catch the moment week 7

Wow! Week 7 already?

catch the moment40

Found this gorgeous little farm tucked away on a back road I’d never been on. Plan on going back for more walks very soon!

catch the moment41

Another crazy place kitty likes to chill.

catch the moment42

I couldn’t help but snap a few shots of the moon this night, so big & pretty. I’ve always been awestruck by space & all the amazing things it holds.

catch the moment43
Waiting at train tracks used to drive me bonkers, I was always in such a rush for no real I just enjoy the sights, some good music or a podcast, and the time to breathe.

catch the moment44

Product photography for a new piece I’ve been working on. A dog tag style initial necklace, really loving it!

catch the moment45

I picked up the crochet hook again recently (using Stacey Trock’s @freshstitches pattern) So far we have some cute little legs! Excited to see this little guy take shape.

catch the moment46

We just managed to squeeze in a walk before the rains came & went and came back again.

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3 Responses to Catch the moment week 7

  1. Honey Mommy says:

    That little farm is just lovely! I would definitely be visiting again as well.

    I also love your walking buddy and the necklaces are lovely.

  2. Mindy Curtis says:

    Yes, that farm is so pretty. Great shots!!

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