Catch the Moment 365 Week 2!

catch the moment8

That is one happy pickle pot! Jewelry making, behind the scenes. I love what I do!

catch the moment9

My first product photo shoot of the new year, complete with new necklace

catch the moment10

Made a bit of a mess while shredding carrots for taco night

catch the moment11

Experimenting with ‘smokey eyes’ with my teenage niece

catch the moment12

Cuddle time with my sweet pup, Lily. She always seems to know when I’m not feeling my best

catch the moment13

Fresh baked banana walnut bread, hot from the oven!

catch the moment14

Puzzles are kind of my thing

catch the moment15

Unused shelving units become curious spots for kittys

catch the moment16

Setting up Mom’s feeding tube for the day. I adore that this little guy is called a Kangaroo!

Nurse Loves Farmer

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