Exciting things on the horizon

As 2014 quickly approaches, we tend to look back at the year just passed & reflect. As I look back I see a year of personal growth, business accomplishments, & lots of trying times (personal, family, financial). As this rollercoaster year comes to a close, I feel like we’re finally rounding a corner & on our way back up! Mom spent over half this past year hospitalized, but is now home & seems to be continuing to recover. Both my father & husband lots their respective jobs late 2012, and now both seem to be doing well in their new employment. My little etsy shop has now been open just over 2.5yrs, both my sales & craft grew this year & continue to excite me as we move forward. 2013 taught me to always find the silver linings, in every scenario, and I am embracing this new outlook wholeheartedly!

I plan to start 2014 out with 2 new challenges.

First is one I have participated in once before & thoroughly enjoyed, the 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge with Nicki of life i design. She is a constant source of creative inspiration for me via her blog & instagram & really look forward to this  challenge! Be sure to follow along or join in! I am @myliladdiction on Instagram using #30daysketchbookchallenge

Secondly I am going to challenge myself farther & take part in Project 365 with Sarah of Nurse Loves Farmer. Sarah is another source of regular inspiration for me to try my best to live a better life. P365 is a photography challenge to take & blog post it every single day. (maybe not post it every day, but I am sure going to try!)

What new challenges are you going to start your 2014 with?

Happy Holidays & here’s to a happy, healthy, successful 2014!!


About myliladdiction

craft addicted aspiring jewelry designer/maker and owner operator of http://www.etsy.com/shop/mylittleaddiction
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