Finishing an Embroidery Project

So for Father’s Day I like to do handmade, well that applies to most all holidays actually. This year I found this Adorable Big Bang Theory themed embroidery pattern. (Dad is a HUGE fan of that show & often times will just break into a round of “soft kitty” randomly throughout the day, many times accompanied by my niece). So when I saw this pattern, I knew exactly what Dad was getting this year.

I altered the text a bit from the original to better fit my hoop, then simply transferred the pattern onto my fabric using a pencil & I was off! The stitching was pretty easy, backstitch for the lettering and outline then satin stitches for the little kitty.

Then, once I finished the actual embroidery, I realized I had no idea how to finish and get the hoop ready for wall hanging! (Have I mentioned this is my first gifted embroidery project??) Yep! So I put on my thinking cap and decided to turn this into a DIY, if it worked, which it did! YAY!!

Here’s what I did:

– pull fabric taught in the hoop & tighten the screw then trim off excess fabric to about .25in in length (you don’t want to see the fabric behind your work after you’re finished)

– grab your Mod Podge (or comparable adhesive) and a stiff paint brush

– paint your adhesive along the top (actually the back of the hoop, where you’ll be folding your fabric in) and inside of your embroidery hoop

– as you paint on the adhesive, start folding in your fabric and hold in place a few seconds to allow it to set some (you will get adhesive on your fingers! use something non toxic)

– continue painting & folding , wiping your fingers occasionally, once you’ve completed the hoop, let it dry for a minute then run your fingers around the glued fabric once more to ensure adhesion

– close up your adhesive and clean out your paint brush and you’re done! Let it dry over night the hang it, gift it, place it on your mantle or bookshelf, and enjoy!

Let me know if this works for you or if you have any tips or tricks that could help me on my next project. Thanks!






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