Adding to my gemstone line

I have Really been digging gemstones lately! I’ve always been a big fan of stones. From the ones my dad used to bring home straight from the mines he worked with, to the crazy gorgeous sparkly gems in Mom’s fancy jewelry box. They’ve always caught my eye. I took some time off from working with them when I found freshwater pearls (but that’s a story for another day;) )

Last year I started working with some fancy faceted gems like the beauties featured here  aaa moss aquamarine argentium silver circle dangle earrings (11)and here  aa garnet drop station necklace sterling silver january birthstone (3)I have also been slightly obsessed with these beautiful faceted gemstone rondelles as featured here (I have lots more planned for these little pretties!)

sapphire station necklace

Then the other day I was going through some pieces I made years ago. Earrings that I didn’t absolutely love, a couple  necklaces that were just ‘meh’,  when I happened upon some gorgeous gemstone chips I had all but forgotten about! Score!! I immediately took that old pair of base metal earrings apart, made some head pins & ear wires out of my argentium silver stash, and made these soon to be available beauties  argentium silver turquoise chip earrings

But the one things I have been researching and obsessing over the most right now, Agate slices! Beautiful, natural, un-tampered with, almost straight from the ground sliced agate. I have Finally found some that were the size I wanted (not too big, not too heavy) with holes drilled (would love to drill my own, but I don’t currently have the drill or space for that size drill in my studio) and they have just arrived! So excited to start working with them. Maybe tonight!

agate slices


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