An Unexpected Evening Off

Most of my days are spent at my parents house. I’m usually there until 9-10pm, taking care of Mom, helping with dinner, and getting my niece ready for school the next day (or on the weekends making sure she gets where she needs to safely). Yesterday, however, I got an unexpected evening off! (I had mentioned to Dad that it was Hubs one & only off day for the week, so he let me head home early! What a sweetie! But shhh…don’t tell him I said that :o) )

I feel like I got so much accomplished just in those few extra hours at home! Hubs & I took our pup for a nice long walk, got in some play time, laundry & dishes got done And I got a couple hours at the bench to work on an order & try out a new design!!

Luckily Hubs is a chef, so he had dinner handled then we settled in for a little cuddle time before bed & watched the Catherine Tate Show on Netflix. Perfect unexpected evening off!



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