I’m back!

And so happy to be here!!

Thankfully, this past holiday season in my shop was busy! Much busier than expected & I couldn’t be happier or more thankful!
It was definitely a turning point in not only how I feel about my business & where I want to take it (or it to take me) but also how I feel about my life in general.

A little background info…both my husband & my father were laid off late last year from jobs they’d been working for Years. Jobs we all considered their careers. Total shock and only one month apart! That led to strong belt tightening, serious budget discussions, and an almost completely hand made holiday season (that part I LOVED…although it had me stressing til literally the 24th of Dec, it was worth it!! Even the wrapping was recycled or made by me!)

We are slowly making our way through this difficult time. Both hubs & pops are employed again, YAY!! and I now have a much stronger idea of what my business & brand is. I am so very grateful, so thankful for everyone who has supported me, my shop, and my family through this all so far and I hope to continue creating more quality jewelry for many more years to come!!



About myliladdiction

craft addicted aspiring jewelry designer/maker and owner operator of http://www.etsy.com/shop/mylittleaddiction
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