finished object-itis

It’s official, I have finished object-itis, otherwise known as the inability to finish one project before starting new ones. I became utterly aware of just how bad it’s gotten while rearranging the living room with Hubs to make room for a table & 2 small chairs. That meant we’d have to move most everything out of the living room, including 1/3 of my yarn stash which I kept next to my knitting spot. (that perfect spot on the couch where I can sit any which way I choose or even bring my work out ball & balance on that just in front of the couch, love it!!) But I digress….moving this cuddly yarn stash, I counted not 3, not 9, but 20 works in progress!! 20!?!? WOW. That’s just my needlework WIPs, no telling just how many jewelry pieces I’ve started & had to put down due to lack of supplies, lack of time, or just not quite knowing where that piece wants to go.

So I’ve decided that it’s time to tackle this now mound of unfinished works. I will finish what I’m working on now, the Robin Tank by Amy Christopher in the 2012 summer issue of Knit Scene, then before allowing myself to start something new I will choose 1 WIP & either finish or frog it, depending on what it is & how it was going before being abandoned for the latest shiny thing that caught my eye..

Here’s hoping I can make myself stick to the plan!! Time to write a to do list & I will keep you posted on how it goes! Wish me luck :o)


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