Catch the moment week 17

Still playing catch up it seems, but I love going through these photos/blog posts to see how the year has played out so far. How is it May already?!?


catch the moment114

cinnamon rolls, from scratch, ready to go in the oven. Wow!

Got the recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction, my first time working with yeast & they turned out so good!!

catch the moment115

came home late to hubs making breakfast for dinner. #luckygirl

catch the moment116

trying my hand at this stone setting thingĀ  again. (last time wasn’t very pretty..)

catch the moment117

I think I did ok! Need some more practice, but I’ll be wearing this one proudly for sure!

catch the moment118

me time

catch the moment119

massive photo shoot! older products getting a facelift & newer ones finally getting the spotlight with this new old book I found.

Nurse Loves Farmer

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Catch the Moment weeks 15-16

catch the moment100

can you find the bee??

catch the moment101

more bee watching! love these busy little guys

catch the moment102

i wonder if we’ll have any birds in our nest

catch the moment103

welcome to my happy place ;o)

catch the moment104

no bees today, but lots of little dinosaurs!

catch the moment105

happy easter!

catch the moment106

‘vincent & the dr’

catch the moment107

hi there! such a pretty blue tail!

catch the moment108

and another one bites the fluff..

catch the moment109

I am now the family barber/stylist for my entire family! Mom, Dad, Hubbs, Niece & of course myself… #whatsagirltodo ?

catch the moment110

HS band Spring concert. Niece has the big oboe solo!!

catch the moment111

planting this years garden!

catch the moment112

now I’m ready to take on the day. Thanks Lily!

catch the moment113

grateful for a dry day after rains, storms, tornadoes & flooding

Nurse Loves Farmer

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Catch the Moment

Some more Catch the Moment 365 catch up!


catch the moment86

we have a birds nest in our tulip tree!

catch the moment87

panera with my favorite girl! #niecelove #best day

catch the moment88

tumbling chevron rings! rose gold filled & argentium silver

catch the moment89

well that was unexpected

catch the moment90

my hexi-granny blanket is looking like a blanket!

catch the moment91

i may be a bit of a perfectionist…

catch the moment92

grateful for sunny days after thunderstorms & floods…

(not looking forward to the clean up in my parents’ basement)

catch the moment93

sleeping beauty

catch the moment94

made ‘friendship bread’ with my girl

catch the moment95

my first order from @artfultea & definitely not my last!

catch the moment96

hello beautiful!

catch the moment97

another shipment of medical supplies. this is supposed to last us 3 months (not gonna happen)

catch the moment98

my brother & sister in law are the best! they totally spoiled us with this amazing housewarming gift!!

catch the moment99

she makes it difficult to get things done sometimes..but i’m not complaining!


Nurse Loves Farmer

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Catch the moment

Catching up on Catch the Moment 365!


catch the moment61

surprise flowers in the yard! spring is on its way

catch the moment62

someone is excited about her new toy! (hopefully she won’t rip out the stuffing quite as quickly this time)

catch the moment63

gorgeous hazy day

catch the moment64

packing up for the big move! into a house!

catch the moment65

the many sleeps of kitty, so far today..

catch the moment66

grilled cheese for the kiddo

catch the moment67

found my least favorite part of blanket making..weaving in the ends…

catch the moment73

shadow play

catch the moment74

just received my new, truly handmade, truly gorgeous art from my dear friend @lifeidesign

catch the moment75

that face! not too happy about all this moving stuff..

catch the moment76

oh i love this brick!

catch the moment77

worn out #movingday

catch the moment78

cutest little bamboo ever! welcome home little one

catch the moment80

finally unpacked the beginnings of my blanket! missed this!

catch the moment81

not a cloud in the sky, what a beautiful day!

catch the moment82

my heart is happy!

catch the moment83

spring in bloom

catch the moment84

new pearl solitaire necklace!

catch the moment85

movie time with Mom!

Nurse Loves Farmer

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Catch the moment catch up..part 2

So apparently I’m not the best blogger. No excuses, I just haven’t spent much time at the laptop here recently. I don’t have the internet at home (still) and more often than not the time I spend at my parents’ house is spent caring for Mom. Making the most of family time, ya know? So here’s a little catch up on the catch the moment fun.

catch the moment47

healthy eating! chicken, broccoli, rice casserole..yum!

catch the moment48

I think somebody is done with our constant puzzling.

catch the moment49

I love bananas! Last snack before getting my wisdom teeth removed..

catch the moment50

Done at the dentist!

catch the moment51

Back at the jewelry bench! Chipmunk cheeks & all.

catch the moment52

snuggles are the best!

catch the moment53

Starting a granny square blanket.

catch the moment54

Our new favorite veg. Kiddo likes it steamed, I like it roasted, so of course we’re having steamed. How do you like your broccoli?

catch the moment55

Lots of books to be donated!

catch the moment56

This blanket is moving right along!

catch the moment57

more banana nut bread

catch the moment58

Blue skies, birds in flight, beautiful day.

catch the moment59

working on a new ring design

catch the moment60

more progress on my blanket! hard to believe how quickly it’s coming together.

Nurse Loves Farmer

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Catch the moment week 7

Wow! Week 7 already?

catch the moment40

Found this gorgeous little farm tucked away on a back road I’d never been on. Plan on going back for more walks very soon!

catch the moment41

Another crazy place kitty likes to chill.

catch the moment42

I couldn’t help but snap a few shots of the moon this night, so big & pretty. I’ve always been awestruck by space & all the amazing things it holds.

catch the moment43
Waiting at train tracks used to drive me bonkers, I was always in such a rush for no real I just enjoy the sights, some good music or a podcast, and the time to breathe.

catch the moment44

Product photography for a new piece I’ve been working on. A dog tag style initial necklace, really loving it!

catch the moment45

I picked up the crochet hook again recently (using Stacey Trock’s @freshstitches pattern) So far we have some cute little legs! Excited to see this little guy take shape.

catch the moment46

We just managed to squeeze in a walk before the rains came & went and came back again.

Nurse Loves Farmer
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catch the moment catch up..

So it’s been a little while since I’ve shared my moments with you all. Having no internet at home makes it a little more difficult to blog, but no excuses! I should have made time, so here it is! Better late than never!

catch the moment24

catch the moment25

catch the moment26

catch the moment27

catch the moment28

catch the moment29

catch the moment30

catch the moment31

catch the moment32

catch the moment33

catch the moment34

catch the moment35

catch the moment36

catch the moment37

catch the moment38

catch the moment39

Nurse Loves Farmer
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Catch the Moment week 3!

Week 3, in the books so to speak. How was yours? I celebrated my birthday, had a sale in my etsy shop, & experimented with homemade granola! So I’d say mine was pretty great. Here’s hoping we all have a fantastic & inspiring week 4!

catch the moment17_edited-1

the last few moments of sunset

catch the moment18

making granola, complete experiment & I love it!

catch the moment19

1000 piece puzzle #2 of the year done! Complete with extra piece…

catch the moment20

sweet flowers, in all variations of my favorite color, from my sweet husband for my birthday!

catch the moment21

movie time with Mom, and yes, that is a VHS tape!

catch the moment22

pretty new pens for my hand lettering for #30sketch (have you been following along or joining in on our 30 day sketchbook challenge?? if not, come find me on instagram @liladdiction)

catch the moment23

quick trip to the post office to send off the last packages of the week. love that feeling!

Nurse Loves Farmer

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Week 3 of 30 day sketchbook challenge!

Here we are more than half way done with our challenge at week 3!

30 sketch day11

30sketch day12

30sketch day13

30sketch day14

30sketch day15

30sketch day16

30sketch day17

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Mouthwatering Mondays

Soft & Chewy Granola Bars


The thing I love most about granola bars, well besides their sweet oaty goodness, is that they’re completely customizable! Don’t like almonds, use pecans or hazelnuts, or whatever you like! Same with the fruit, hell you don’t have to use fruit or nuts at all if you don’t like them (or have an allergy).

Here’s what I used:

2 1/2c old fashioned rolled oats (not the quick cook ones)
1/2c almonds (didn’t have a full half cup so I threw in a few pecans & walnuts)
1/3c honey
1/4c packed light brown sugar
1/2tsp vanilla extract
1/4tsp kosher salt
1/4c dried apricots & dates
1/4 mini semisweet chocolate chips

Here’s what I did:

-preheat oven to 350′
-line an 8 or 9 in square pan with aluminum foil then lightly oil, butter, or spray lightly with cooking spray. We don’t want your bars to stick!

-Rough chop the almonds, pecans & walnuts

-spread oats & nuts onto a baking sheet & toast in 350′ oven for approximately 10min, tossing every 3min. Once you smell those bad boys they’re basically done.


-once toasted to your liking, transfer oats & nuts to a large mixing bowl & set aside.


-combine butter, honey, brown sugar, vanilla & salt in a small sauce pan. Heat over medium, stirring often until the butter melts & sugar dissolves completely.


-pour sweet butter mixture into your large mixing bowl of oats & nuts, mix well

-let cool about 5 min

-while that mix is cooling dice your dried fruit then add to your mixing bowl

-add your mini chocolate chips & mix well (these will probably melt some, that’s ok, it will help your bars stick together. If you like, reserve some chips for the tops of your bars)

-Transfer your granola mixture into your prepared baking dish, use your rubber spatula or damp fingers to press down into the pan (press firmly! The more your press down now, the better your bars will hold together. I used damp fingers & pressed down for a good minute or 2, making sure to get the corners & sides.


-if you reserved some chocolate chips for the top, now would be the time to add them, then press them in firmly

-cover with foil & refrigerate for 2hrs to overnight

-remove from the refrigerator, remove the foil lined granola block from the pan then peel back the foil from the sides. cut into your preferred size bar & Enjoy!



Next time I think I’ll try cranberries instead of apricots & will definitely add some sunflower seeds & maybe some flax seed or something like it. What version do you think you’ll try? Any healthy additions you could recommend to a total health food newbie??

Thanks & Enjoy!

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